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Our Services

Prestige Realty N.V. Services

As the number one resource for prestigious real estate opportunities on the island of Aruba, we are constantly finding ways to provide you with the services you would expect to find.
We are proud to be able to assist you in finding financing, manage your property or develop your own project! We also represent you in your absence in the best way possible, provide legal and fiscal guidance and even can offer you Real Estate Tours!


Property Management

Whenever you purchase real estate in Aruba but do not become a permanent resident of the island, you will require a local person or firm to take care of your valuable property. We offer the full scale of property management services which includes:

  • Vacation rental marketing and management.
  • Residential Property management.
  • Commercial Property management.
  • Real estate maintenance including gardening.
  • Renting and rent collection.
  • Utility bill payments.
  • Security services.
  • Restoration of property.
  • Expansion of property.
  • Handling of guests on your behalf.


For more information on our Prestige vacation rental management service....

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Project Development

Having a dream is normal to all humans. Realizing your dreams is often the most difficult part. Prestige Realty has the in-house expertise to make practically any real estate dream come true on Aruba, as long as it is technically feasible. We have developed many real estate projects on the island, and have assisted others in the realization of their dreams, from a single private home to entire residential parceling, production facilities, commercial buildings, resort and retail outlets. We start from as early as the design phase; create real estate complexes and designer homes basically from your own initial skecthes. All you have to do is communicate your ideas to us, determine your own budget, choose your location and arrange together with us the financing. The rest is just a matter of time. And we will perform. Within the stipulated time. And budget. And quality. As long as you remember our slogan, "It's not just real estate. It's Prestige" you will understand what we mean.
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Project Management

Building your own home or pursuing your own real estate endeavor, whether it be new construction or remodeling, is a serious matter. It's probably a major investment for an individual or a company. You want to make sure that what you realize is exactly what you intended it to be. If you have already contracted a builder for your new home, or started your development with a third party, you must have someone supervising and making sure all goes the way it is supposed to go. We can manage your project for you, and provide you with turnkey delivery at guaranteed, no-hassle conditions. Or the non-performing party must suffer the consequences. And this should not be you. Contact us to be sure you get what you pay for.
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Buyer Agency

We represent you with dignity. Aruba, unfortunately, does not have a multiple listing system as e.g. in the US. This means that listed properties for sale are only known and available at the listing broker. Often, properties for sale aren't even listed with brokers but are marketed by the owners themselves. This provides the unaware buyer with some disadvantage, the reason for which Buyer Agency becomes a viable alternative. Just communicate to us your exact wishes, we will scan the market, with owners and with brokers, to find the property or properties of your liking, set up viewing appointments, assist in negotiations on your behalf and guide you through the closing process. This service is executed at a fixed fee to avoid any conflict of interest. In the event conflict does come to exist, we will inform you accordingly. In this way, your interest is continuously protected throughout the entire real estate purchasing process.
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Financing Assistance

Once you have decided to buy, build or develop your real estate property in Aruba, the next question is of course: are there any financing possibilities? Yes there are, in numerous ways. Local or international. It all depends on what suites your situation best. With regard to local financing options, we can provide with all the necessary details, alternatives and contacts, accompany you to the financial institutions and be your intermediary through the entire process. You may choose short term (1-5 years) or long term (10-30 years). Local interest rates are usually higher than in the US or Europe due to the non-existence of a capital market on the island. Nonetheless, once you have property in Aruba, banking in Aruba is a logical next step and we can guide you to the right choice of bank.
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Real estate is probably and literally the most solid investment one can make, especially in Aruba. The available land resources of the island are unquestionably limited, which reflects in a continuous increase of property and real estate values in general. Prices very rarely have dropped slightly in the past based on market demand or economic situation, but the overall trend, historically, has been continuously upward. Rental properties, depending mainly on its location, has also done quite well on the island, commercial, vacation and residential the like. So if you're seeking to invest in real estate, or any business for that matter, contact us and we can provide you with all the information and guidance you need to make the best investment decision. We also have certain real estate developments, which offer investment participation for third parties like you. These vary from shopping malls, hotels, and apartment buildings to residential complexes, retail businesses and large investment lots.
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Legal and Tax

We assist with all your legal real estate matters and fiscal aspects of your commercial or private investments. These include but are not limited to:

    • Transfer deed preparation process: Gathering all the required information, provide translations of transfer deeds explain transfer conditions, represent buyer or seller at closing.

    • Residence permit request: If you're not already a resident of Aruba, in order to live in Aruba, even if you own real estate, you will require a residence permit. We can procure for the entire permit request procedure.

    • Incorporation of business: If you want to start a business, we can assist you with the process of incorporation, inscription at the Chamber of Commerce, obtaining the required personnel, compilation of feasibility studies, etc.

    • Business license request: To operate a business, a business license is required. All due diligence can be executed through our office to obtain such permit.

    • Director's license request: Besides the business license, foreign citizens require a license to become a director at a local corporation. We can advise and assist in this matter as well.

    • Legal real estate counseling: Our vast experience with the real estate market of Aruba can be tapped upon to give you in-depth knowledge of the real estate legal system applied in Aruba, which is often different than what you are accustomed with.

    • Offshore corporation structures: We can advise you on the best setup for your proposed investment, and our associate accountants are contacted once more detailed structures are to be developed.

    • Fiscal incentives: Insight into the various available fiscal incentives and tax structures can be provided, and we work closely with renowned tax consultants on the island.

  • Information exchange treaties: There are tax treaties between the Dutch Kingdom (including Aruba) and other countries, e.g. the USA. Get answers on your privacy, security and fiscal protection. It is your right to know.
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